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The Cyprus Canada Business Association’s aim is to promote, expand and encourage economic and trade relations between the Republic of Cyprus and Canada. In order to more effectively achieve this and other related targets, the Association has created 5 pillars representing areas of hightened focus. These are:

  1. Promotion of Cyprus as a center for Canadian Companies’ regional offices and headquarters based on favorable tax agreements etc.
  2. Practical & theoretical exchange of know-how and other cooperation on all levels within the Natural Gas/Oil industry
  3. Educational cooperation on a high educational level with student exchange programs and other exchanges between these two mutually attractive potential markets
  4. The creation of more opportunities for tourism to increase in both directions
  5. The development of a medicine/health related exchange between Cyprus and Canada’s well developed medical sector including general and specialized health care and procedures

Furthermore, the Association undertakes the organizing of events and activities aimed at the promotion of the above and the spreading of information on the offerings of both Cyprus and Canada to the broader public and to special interest groups.

For the Articles of the Association, please click here:  MEMORANDUM

The CCBA operates under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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