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Baker Tilly Klitou wins the 2011 Cyprus Special Exports Award for Services

We are very pleased to announce that Baker Tilly Klitou (auditors, accountants, tax and management consultants) have been awarded the Cyprus Special Exports Award for services for the year 2011.  

This is a great honour for our firm.  This award is a recognition towards the quality of our services and the dynamism and persistence of our people, in achieving great results in our efforts to promote our services and our country as a business and financial centre.

The 2011 Cyprus Special Exports Award for Services opens new horizons for us and demands the setting of higher goals for the future.  And we can only achieve this by working closely as one team – one cohesive force with our people and our clients.  Committed in providing quality business solutions.  Contributing towards the advancement of our country’s economy in these challenging times.

The CCBA operates under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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